Talwarsons is dedicated to inspiring a passion for exquisite jewel masterpieces that ensure it is the precious jewelley of your choice. Talwarsons standards have mean the measure of excellence for fine jewellery for more than 100 years. Working closely with highly skilled designers and craftspeople. We create jewellery that are sculptural work of legendary craftsmanship, distinct artistry and innovative designs. Talwarsons jewellers collection takes the breath away.
Here, we present to you our awe-nspiring collections honors life's milestones and sure to be remembered and treasured always. Gold & Diamond jewellery that tinkles and beguile, lightening up the day, the night and especially YOU. Flawless, timeless and astonishingly beautiful, gold & diamond jewellery have been associated with romance throughout human history. They are the ultimate gift for love. Our collection purely expresses our most profound emotion. Love come, satiate your desire.

Anil Talwar

"They say no one knows a woman's heart- but I can lay claim to some understanding as Talwarson's have been making women's heart best faster since the last 8 generations. The task is tough mind you and we are still learning but l from the enthusiastic and very gratifying responses we have been received for our collections in recent times, I can safely say we are getting better and better.
Like for this year, we have looked south for picking up something which is totally new and unique – temple jewelery- traditionally designed and crafted for temple deities by special craftsmen. These jewelery pieces are more than mere ornaments, they are the expression of devotion and sterling examples of the most superior workmanship. For special occasions, what better than to wear these object's d art.
Another new feather we have added to our cap is our irresistible and newly minted Polki collection. The Talwarson's hallmark of trust and purity lends each piece a patina which goes far beyond the fair price at which it is sold. Backed by 8 generations of solid trust and an unimpeachable reputation for honesty, fair dealing and competitive pricing, Talwarson's jewels are timeless classics for the ages… fit to become prized family treasures and heirlooms.
For yet another year, we are proud to present a magnificent array of jeweled masterpieces to you all. Each piece, be it the cocktail collection in diamonds, the new range of todas or the awesome gold collection is a masterpiece in itself and one of it's kind."

Dhruv Talwar

All that glitters is not gold; there are diamonds, emeralds and rubies as well! When the man crazy in love says to his woman, " I will get the stars from the skies for you", or the father before the marriage of his little girl tells her, " I will make you the most beautiful bride in the world' or the proud son with his first paycheck says to his beloved mom. " I have something special for you."- There is just one thing they mean…diamonds… Only a diamond can bring these rare and precious moments and emotions to life. Only a diamond can give voice to feelings which other wise remain unsaid.

Talwarson's take the golden glow a bit further, with awe inspiring pieces and designs which add a new spin to this timeless classic- which by the way is just getting prizier and prizier- as you all know- so if it has to be gold- let it be from Talwarson's where the purity and quality of the gold is unmatched and yet matched by the designs and styles which make every woman's heart flutter and the men ( who pay for it) weak in the knees. No matter how you see it- there is no getting away from OMG- OH My Gold…

The Leaders in jewellery industry, Anil Talwar Group has brought the art of jewellery designing from a heritage to a global grandeur on the world map. Each masterpiece from our illustrious house is not just a design but are masterpieces made for a lifetime!

And there is but one man behind this success, Anil Talwar, my father, who like a true visionary has brought out this label far from the parameters of a small city. The eighth in the generation of family jewelers, Anil Talwar is also one of the the Founder members and senior Director of All India Gems and Jewellery TradeFederation (GJF) and has created a niche fin this ever changing and fast evolving jewellery industry.

Dr. Mangla Dogra Gynaecologist

"I love to go jewellery shopping at Talwarsons Jewellers. The selection there is always amazing and the experience, very good. The range at Talwarsons is vast and classy. I don't have to ever bother about the quality there as I know that I will always get the very best."

Hardip Singh Industrialist

“My family is regular at Talwarsons Jewellers. There is always something new there. Anil Ji sources the best from all over the country. He has a keen eye and excellent taste and we totally trust the quality of jewellery from there."

Anu Bains Interior Designer

"I am a patron of Talwarsons Jewellers. What I like about the store is the variety and designs which are available for us. Anil Ji also always makes it a point to educate us about our selects and helps me take a right decision. The staff is very courteous and ever ready to help. The JCS 2011 show was awesome and truly one of it's kind."

K.B.S. Kang Politician

"My wife and family are regulars at Talwarsons Jewellers and I too join in once in a while. The overall xperience at the store is always warm and personal. Anil is an excellent host and guides us well in our shopping. The jewellery is very good and classic tastefully put together."

Vandhya Bagrodia Director, Art Folio

“I like to buy jewellery at Talwarsons Jewellers only as they have some of the best designs in the country. Being an art connoisseur, I am very selective about the pieces I buy, but I always get what I want at Talwarsons. The experience at the store too has always been par excellence."

Naunihal Singh SSP, Chandigarh

"I attended the show - the Invogue collection of Talwarsons Jewellers, with my family and was impressed by the range they have to offer which is amazingly high end and truly designer & luxurious."

for any enquiry, we would love to welcome you to our store as paying a visit would be a pleasure and a delight for you as well for us.

We invite you over for a cup of coffee.

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